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CALinnovates is a non-partisan coalition of tech companies, founders, funders and non-profits determined to make the new economy a reality. We’re guided by tech, policy and political veterans who understand how to support and deliver upon a vision for the future of the digital economy.

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CALinnovates educates policymakers, elected officials and regulators on the virtues of delivering a 21st Century digital economy on issues of importance to the technology community at the local, state and federal levels of public policy.

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CALinnovates’ mission is to elevate public awareness and inform public policymakers about the importance of advancing a more modern economy, one that creates new companies, jobs and opportunities by leveraging technology to address our biggest public challenges.

Our principles

  • Support Pro-Investment Policies
  • Champion Pro-Competition Policies
  • Foster Environment of Regulatory Certainty
  • Drive Implementation of 21st Century Infrastructure
  • Encourage Broadband Expansion and Adoption
  • Promote Consumer Choice
  • Inspire Broad Economic Growth Through Innovation

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