$14 Billion Additional Investment in Broadband Networks Means Big Things for Consumers and Innovators

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012
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$14 Billion Additional Investment in Broadband Networks Means Big Things for Consumers and Innovators

CALinnovates’ new infographic says evolving consumer behavior demands private sector investment to expand communications infrastructure and support tech innovation


SAN FRANCISCO – California’s economic recovery will be bolstered by a recent announcement that AT&T plans to invest an additional $14 billion to expand and enhance its wired and wireless Internet Protocol (IP) broadband networks.  For Californians looking for expanded access to the benefits of the Internet, this development signals great optimism for the future of communications, according to CALinnovates, a San Francisco-based high-tech advocacy group.

According to their 3-year investment plan, 300 million people will be covered by AT&T 4G LTE by the end of 2014, and millions more will have access to next-generation wireline IP broadband networks.  CALinnovates Executive Director Mike Montgomery stated, “Connecting virtually everyone in the U.S. with high-speed Internet is a long stride in the right direction toward meeting the goal of President Obama’s National Broadband Plan.  And we know that high-speed Internet connections, both wired and wireless, create the kind of jobs we urgently need right now.”

“Consumers, entrepreneurs and people everywhere are clamoring for more connectivity and faster speeds.  It takes this kind of multi-billion dollar private sector investment to give people the high-speed connections they want and need,” said Montgomery.  “Investment is the linchpin to staying ahead of the massive growth in consumer demand for speed, data capacity and devices and apps that are now central to our lives.”

A new CALinnovates infographic on its website documents how consumers are driving the market that is revolutionizing communications and creating skyrocketing demand for new technology that can handle more data than ever before.  In describing the infographic, Montgomery said, “Consumers today want to be connected everywhere in every way possible.  But, we can’t take for granted the robust high-speed networks that are necessary to carry the innovations that are driving the economy and improving our lives.  Those networks require mega investments to keep them growing and improving.”

“Continued investment to build the communications infrastructure of the future is what will keep the U.S. and Silicon Valley ahead of the innovation curve,” he said.



3 Responses to $14 Billion Additional Investment in Broadband Networks Means Big Things for Consumers and Innovators

  1. Jonathan Reynolds says:

    This clearly lays out the explosion in the mobile marketplace in a way I have not seen before. Ultimately, the nation seems headed in the right direction from the three most important perspectives – consumers, government and business.

  2. Gustavo Hernandez says:

    Open up the flood gates of Technology and make it available to the masses…
    Maybe virtual offices and mobile technology will now have a proper foundation of accessibility (and convenience) so that we can realize the true benefits of Mobile Apps and other similar mobile technology through our current selection of super smartphones and tablets with 4G capability. 4G claims to be 10x the speed of 3G which will (eventually) make it seem as if we were still carrying around a Blackberry. From streaming videos to downloading apps to the recent saying “there’s an app for that”, clearly we are making a stride in the right direction. I think this will create more opportunities to do what we all need it to do.. to grow this country in the right direction!

  3. Eat Out Cape Town says:

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    I really enjoyed reading it, you’re a great author. Keep up with the great work, have a nice day!

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